Welcome to the official website for the Lindells! Chris and Kim Lindell play wild, live-wire, Colorado High Mountain Music! As an acoustic duo or steppin' out with their band, it's a delectable brew of original roots rock Americana, cosmic alt.country, folk-noir, and wicked 'grass. With a singular voice of spellbinding harmonies, stunning guitarwork, backbeat rythyms and atmospheric jams, the Lindells play beautiful dark scary folk pop indie-rock music inspired by the awesome beauty of the American West.

When JJ Cale goes dancing across the floor during your sound check, you know you’re doing it right; one more reason for the Lindells’ well deserved reputation for making music that’s “engaging, wide-ranging and diversified”. It’s inspired by the deep, high mountains and vast, lonely deserts of the American West. Their songs get inside you and dance down into your dreams – you just might wake with one of their songs in your head!

With standout songwriting and their “signature sound”, the Lindells (rhymes with bell) burn through and defy all kinds of musical boundaries with music that’s fierce and stunning. Based on breathtaking vocal harmonies and amazing, intuitive playing, the Lindells’ music grooves with their own brand of psychedelic mountain folk and rock – it’s intimate, supple and sultry, with a definitive underlying hard-earned grit.

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