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The Lindells Folk Rock from southwest Colorado

High Mountain Indie Folk, Rock,

Blues, & Dark Desert Fever Pop

There’s a certain undeniable chemistry when two performers are connected by love and song. The Lindells have that organic feel where two people musically thrive together. JJ Cale gave his endorsement when he waltzed across the dance floor during their soundcheck when they opened for him at the historic Rico Theatre in the high mountains of Colorado. The Lindells sing intuitively and intimately of everyday sorrow, triumph and joy. Chris and Kim are dedicated to the fine art of songwriting and storytelling, weaving light and shadow, shadow and light,  into an everyday magical  tapestry of sound.

Music is a way to facilitate connection, motivation, and education in a way nothing else can. The Lindells invite listeners to explore life in ways only achievable with sound and music, to take a break from the digital distractions and everyday orbits, and experience again what life really feels like,  and come away from the experience renewed, rejuvenated, inspired, and a little closer to living at their fullest. Fela Kuti’s idea that “music is the weapon of the future” is increasingly evident, in that the most powerful instruments of change come from creative inspiration; love, gratitude, perseverance, and compassion have the ability to transform and empower with an incomparable force.

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Kim’s compelling vocals are reminiscent of Margo Timmins and Emmy Lou Harris, and anchors the music with her magnetic bass playing.

Chris’ honest vocal style conjures Bruce Cockburn and Richard Thompson, which carries over into his percussive, mercurial guitar playing.

Eli's laid-back, funk inspired drumming highlights Kim and Chris’ groove based  organic synergy of sound.

Featuring intricate guitar lines, melodic vocal harmonies, and atmospheric storytelling, the Lindells' wide-ranging catalog of original songs, expresses the inner life and longings of humanity. Their songs transport listeners to another place and time, following the full spectrum of human emotion. 

Kim’s warm and honeyed vocals are spellbinding, while she anchors their sound with her magnetic bass playing. Chris’ honest vocal style is real and gritty, a fine counterpoint to his waterfall style of guitar. Eli's funky grooves and hypnotic Afro-beat inspired rambles morph into free form jams. Here is where the Lindells' improvisational wanderings weave and coil together like clouds building on the horizon, a sound like sweet rain in the desert. 




There’s an alluring immediacy to the Lindells compelling performance style and the craftsmanship of their songs. They’ve been writing and performing their own roots-pop, folk-rock music since they met in high school. There's  a vibrant sense of musical adventure with an appreciation for the best of Americana and it shows in their wide-ranging statement about the relevancy and elasticity of American roots music. Raised on folk songs, jazz, blues, and roots country, the north-of-Bakersfield sounds they grew up on segued into 1960-70’s cosmic-country, folk rock from the golden rolling hills of California.

As husband-wife performing songwriters, Chris and Kim Lindell entwine their earthy yet ethereal lead vocals and harmonies over superb guitarwork and playful backbeat rhythms. The guitar-bass interplay sweetly highlights their intuitive musicianship and long-creative partnership. They taught themselves to write songs on front porches, in kitchens, on ribbon-of-highway road trips, around campfires with friends and walking long miles of trail in old growth forests, high mountain meadows and stoney ridges. They write the kind of songs that bring forth visions of a vast landscape and the lives sustained within it.

The Lindells escaped to a hard won, creative life. Where their love of the high mountains and desert intersect, they’ve honed their songwriting to a keen edge, exploring irresistible rhythms and grooves in a vital musical vision all their own. They infuse their music with visions of that magic and mysterious place.

Kim and Chris Lindell
Kim and Chris Lindell

The Lindells have released over a half dozen records of intoxicating, deep-rooted music that reveals an enduring sense of places and people, adventure and love. They know the universal power of music communicates and celebrates our connection and relationship to land and culture. To the Secret Fire, Kim's solo recording project, is a radio-ready, organic collaboration of Kim’s acoustic-electric folk-rock songs that explores and celebrates the grit and glory of life - of hope, despair, and love’s intense passions. It’s a stand-out collection of songs offered up with the electrifying fever of a full band, an energetic party of poetry, folk and roots music with a twist of rock ‘n’ roll.

Countless performances onstage and live-broadcast radio have developed the Lindells’ spontaneous sense of improvisation and fun that connects them to their audience with an easy diversity. From barn dances, opera houses and concert halls to the Telluride Bluegrass main stage, generator-powered festivals to in-studio performances on community radio stations such as KPFA, KPIG, KVNF, and KSUT, the Lindells captivate with an honest integrity that illuminates the true beauty and power of a song. And like most folkies, for all their love of emotionally resonant music, just for fun, they’ve got a few freewheeling songs about zombies, vampires and ghosts. 



Bob Matthews, Producer and Recording Engineer for the Grateful Dead
"Kim and Chris Lindell have been blessed with a rare gift being partners in love and in music... a grace to witness. The Lindells [music] is a gift to all, and most satisfying for your heart and soul."
M. John Fayhee, Mountain Gazzete
"...Bona fide mountain music... It's the tone, attitude, and subject matter... as much as the style. [The Lindell's music] translates intimacy and awareness into... shivers of sympathetic comprehension."
Stasia Lanier, Station Manager/Music Director/Afternoon Blend Host

KSUT Four Corners Public Radio
"Great original tracks! I always think [the Lindells’] songs stand out - great vocals and harmonies. See this wonderful band!"

   - from one of our several live broadcast, KSUT in-studio performances:
   "Wow! Where have you guys been hiding? Love your stuff; just excellent tunes and overall vibratory goodness. Y'all just made a new fan." - Wendell Peek

Durango Society of Cultural and Preforming Arts
"The Lindells is a thriving, grassroots, Bohemian-style music, roaming through a variety of Americana genres, including folk, country, reggae, blues and bluegrass. The husband-and-wife songwriting team of Chris and Kim Lindell weave intricate harmonies throughout the free outdoor spirit of their music and take a new direction, fusing jazz and the roots tradition."
Jason Montiel, High Sierra Weekend
"Kim’s voice is like that of Margo Timmins of the Cowboy Junkies; Chris’ guitar has a sound something like (Jerry Garcia from) the Dead. The band rolls along with a good-natured spatial quality, improvising with a range of influences from jazz, reggae, rock and bluegrass to pop. The Lindells are outstanding performing artists with a fascinating sharp edge and a big sound."
Rosie Carter, Hearsay Magazine
"The Lindells’ music has that same expansive feeling that western landscapes have; you are drawn to and captivated by it, but it never confines you. Chris [plays guitar] with inspired, intricate agility. Kim’s velvety amber honey voice complements Chris’ gritty one, their voices wrapping around each other in supple harmonies. Bright, soulful tunes, rich and finely crafted [are] played with passion. The band definitely has that signature sound [and] the crowds are invariably enthusiastic …[this is] some of the finest roots music!"
Durango Arts Center
"The Lindells are multi-talented songwriters. They delight audiences with beautiful vocal harmonies and rockin’ guitar solos!"
Montezuma Valley Journal
"The Lindells are musicians with a fully integrated acoustic-electric, deep bass, power drum, vocal laced, harmony driven, super-fueled sound. They bring audiences a new and ‘wild at heart’ experience. This is music for wide-open spaces and minds, delivered with soul."
Diana Walker-Smith, Executive Director - Mono County Arts Council
"The Lindells are outside the mainstream, on the cutting edge, fusing a myriad of styles…fine musicians with a dedication to excellence."
Liz Fishman, Mono Lake Benefit Concert Committee
"A rich and complex sound....alternative power folk!"
G. Marlowe Finne, The Mammoth Times
"The Lindells are engaging, wide-ranging and diversified - a spontaneous and driving force.  



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