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Post Apocalyptic Folk~Rock

The Lindells have been playing their beautiful dark folk rock since they met in high school. With thousands of performances from coffee houses to festivals, including Telluride Bluegrass Festival, half a dozen recordings, plus endorsements from industry giants like J.J. Cale and Bob Matthews, this husband-wife duo brings an ageless and universal presence to their music. 

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Featuring intricate guitar lines, melodic vocal harmonies, and atmospheric storytelling, the Lindells' wide-ranging catalog of original songs, expresses the inner life and longings of humanity. Their songs transport listeners to another place and time, following the full spectrum of human emotion. 

Kim’s warm and honeyed vocals are spellbinding, while she anchors their sound with her magnetic bass playing. Chris’ honest vocal style is real and gritty, a fine counterpoint to his waterfall style of guitar. The sound of their two instruments weave and coil together together like clouds building on the horizon. Imagine Townes Van Zandt and Kate Wolf sharing a songwriters-in-the-round moment backstage at a Cowboy Junkies concert. This is how the Lindells create a more open and dynamic musical experience.

Here are three “acoustic duo" tracks from The Lindells' latest CD, Long Holiday Motel, mixed by Craig Schumacher of Wavelab Studio in Tuscon, AZ:


"In the Badlands" 
“While You Were Sleeping”


Try these songs from the album, To the Secret Fire:


"Down Again"

"Twenty Minutes to Midnight"

...and the title track

from the album Roam:



P.O. Box 635

Dolores, CO 81323

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