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Post Apocalyptic Folk~Rock

Kim and Chris Lindell have been playing their beautiful dark power folk rock since the early 1980’s. With half a dozen records and numerous performances in the American west, this husband-wife duo brings an ageless and universal presence to scene.


Whether they are performing as a duo or with their band, their wide-ranging catalog of original songs exposes the inner life and longings of their listeners, and transports them to another place and time.

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As though born from the drum kit, Eli Shostak's love of playing music expanded to include percussion styles from around the world. He studied rhythm with Arthur Hull on the beaches of Santa Cruz, has performed with Durango’s DunDunBa West African drum group and recently played with the Mancos/Durango samba band, Samba Galactica.


Funky grooves and hypnotic Afro-beat inspired rambles are his go-to sounds, but free form jams and improvisational wandering make him happy.  His laid-back, funk inspired drumming highlights Kim and Chris’ natural grooves and supports The Lindells' organic sound synergy.

Similar to Isadora Duncan’s quote, “If I could tell you what it meant, there would be no point dancing it," music is our way to facilitate connection, motivation, and education in a way nothing else can. We want our listeners to explore life in ways only achievable with sound and music, to take a break from the digital distractions and everyday orbits, and experience again what life feels like. When it’s over, hopefully they’re renewed, rejuvenated, inspired, and a little closer to living at their fullest.

We’re on-board with Fela Kuti’s idea that “music is the weapon of the future”. And, as is increasingly evident, the most powerful instruments of change come from creative inspiration; love, gratitude, perseverance, and compassion have the ability to transform and empower with an incomparable force.


P.O. Box 635

Dolores, CO 81323

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