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Looking Beyond Genres

When a band describes its sound, how important is it to use a defined genre? For groups who are guided by a specific tradition, I can see how definitions keep them on the rails. I can also see the utility in providing an elevator pitch sort of insight which, in a busy and distracted world, could be important.

Nowadays, each broad definition of a sound includes countless subtle differentiations (how many types of Jazz can you name?) that speak to the intricacies of what artists do. And in these subtleties we find truly descriptive material. On the other hand, haven't we all been part of a conversation that left us wondering something like what exactly is bio fluid classical gangster trance jungle reggae?

We were kicking the genre question around after practice one evening, wondering what type of music the Lindell Band plays? From a genre perspective, the answer depends what song you’re listening to. Lately, Chris has been channeling his inner Jack Johnson and coming out with a relaxed, playful sound. But listening to one of his zombie love space tunes doesn't exactly speak of the Island Spirit. Kim can cover haunting indie rock melodies with the same grace she uses to kick out a folksy mountain jam. So where does that leave us?

We decided that rather than coming up with a “sound” definition, we’d rather discuss the mission of our music. By focusing beyond the well-trodden paths of what’s known, we can use music’s momentum to explore the musical experience and impact more deeply.

What type of music does the Lindell Band play? Let’s try this: our music is intended to inspire, rejuvenate and bring listeners into the moment. Our songs layer intimate knowledge of places and landscapes with exceptionally woven storylines and genre bending grooves to inspire a more creative exploration of this life.

Music has the power to transform awareness, we hope to play a part in this alchemy. Send us an email and let us know what you think…

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