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On a recent stroll down FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) street, I was entertained by a popular outdoor magazine’s feature of healthy, fit, successful people (who probably smelled nice too) describing the leaps of faith and improbable journeys they took when they risked it all, followed their dreams and radically shifted the direction of their lives.

As you can imagine, these accounts were shared from the current comfort of folks’ now actualized Nirvanas. Knowing that stories are never as clean and simple as told, I wondered what the darkest days of these journeys looked like; how many wraps, wrecks and flips folks endured as the rapids of life tossed their tiny crafts.

Songs often celebrate a similar arc of events. Tidy stories set to emotional soundscapes about taking big risks to live aligned with one’s dreams often make creative omissions before they crescendo into perfect musical resolution.

From stories of lost love, lost fortunes and lost minds to tales of awe-inspiring landscapes, epic adventures and heroic acts of devotion, music motivates us to open our minds, move our bodies and cut the lines that keep us tethered in stagnant waters.

In moments of musically inspired freedom, we can envision and embrace possibilities lurking just beyond the daily grind. We’re invited to break through the eddyline, get back in the flow and explore new waters.

Festivals are perfect for setting sail into seas of musical ecstasy, community and expansion. We take time to turn up the vibe, kick off our shoes, sing a new song and relax. We’re encouraged to let the music wash over us and carry those troubles away.

Sure, dropping out of our current situation and into our fantasy life might not happen in an afternoon. On the other hand, when we let music shift our vision and rejigger our awareness, we discover all of the ways we’re already living our dream.

The Dolores River Festival is coming up on June 1st at Joe Rowell Park in Dolores. After a healthy serving of tasty tunes, be sure to pull hard on those oars, do your best upstream ferry over to the Dolores River Brewery, say around 8 or so, and explore your perfect life with the Lindell Band. We’ll keep the music flowing, you can flip, roll over and do it again. See you there!

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