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Dark Desert Fever Pop

Deserts have been instrumental laboratories for seekers looking to be inspired from beyond. Sparse landscapes where minds float free in clear air are conduits for connecting with the extraordinary.

Those who are intimate with these environments know the paradoxical moods of arid lands. Frigid mornings burn off as sun paints the terrain. Parched and dusty washes passively accept inundation from sky splitting thunderstorms. Over days and seasons, deserts forge experiences by arranging subtle and not so subtle moods.

When we venture into wildness, outcomes are uncertain. Even familiar places echo with new voices each time we call out. This winter, while exploring the Mojave Desert’s dark and intense landscape with bodies long removed from this wonderland, a new soundscape was discovered.

Dark Desert Fever Pop is the latest manifestation of Kim and Chris Lindell’s lifelong exploration of landscape, story and song. Familiar themes still characterize the music, but a new breeze blows through verse and chorus, a creosote scented wind from the high desert.

Poseidon makes a rare appearance before ducking below the surface and wild horses appear and disappear like ghosts on the highway. California, home to the Mojave itself, gets a Bossa Nova nod while questions of energetic cohesion, spiritual connection and the fabric of human relationships are explored with heartfelt wonder.

Join the journey. Whether you’re an old friend from the Cali Crew, a member of Montezuma County’s OG Music Posse or a new player plumbing the depths of genre bending song writing, come out this summer and experience the debut of a new sound. The Lindell Band brings Dark Desert Fever Pop to the Mancos Valley Brewery on June 9th and the Dolores River Brewery on July 7th. More shows will surely follow so please check in periodically and stay in touch. We’ll look forward to seeing you, travel well.

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