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The Patios are Calling and I Must Go…

The Patios are Calling and I Must Go…

John Muir’s original quote swapped “patios” for “mountains,” but I think it’s a reasonable extension of the idea. Who hasn’t hit the brakes to answer a patio’s refreshing call? Their attraction is indisputable.

Seasons orient our internal compasses to highlight special places. We’re drawn to rivers sashaying full of spring melt, mountain slopes glistening with untracked powder and desert canyons blanketed with colorful wild flower fractals. Resisting their force is futile and the rewards of exploration last a lifetime. Why not go?

Patio Season is another yearly milestone with an equally strong pull. Just try to keep plowing through the day as friends, food, beer (or cider, or margs… follow your thirsty bliss) and live music encourage you to eddy out for moments of connection, rejuvenation and reflection. Whether the capstone to a day of unbridled adventure or a short respite from the daily grind, patios abide.

Back to Mr. Muir. It turns out that this well-known quote, super popular with sporty mountain people swag, came from a letter Muir wrote to his sister Sarah while in Yosemite Valley one day in 1873. His letter opens:

“I have just returned from the longest and hardest trip I have ever made in the mountains, having been gone over five weeks. I am weary, but resting fast; sleepy, but sleeping deep and fast; hungry, but eating much. For two weeks I explored the glaciers of the summits east of here, sleeping among the snowy mountains without blankets and with but little to eat on account of its being so inaccessible. After my icy experiences it seems strange to be down here in so warm and flowery a climate.”

If I were Sarah, I’d immediately respond, “Dude, that sounds brutal. Also, it’s patio season, that’s why the climate is all ‘flowery’ (Really John, flowery?). You have to chill, so how about you meet me at the brewpub. There’s an awesome patio, fresh beer/food, and there’s going to be a band. You can ‘eat much’ or whatever…”.

John Muir is an incredible writer and explorer who probably didn’t log many patio hours. In fact, the letter goes on to say that he was doing research for books, writing magazine articles and slogging around intent on using “all the season in prosecuting my researches”.

I get it. Call me 100% on board with John’s sentiment. I am also intent on using all of Patio Season to prosecute my researches. He truly is a visionary and inspiration.

The Lindell Band is calling and you must go, Mancos Valley Brewery, 6PM, June 9th.

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