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“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”

-John Wooden

Have you ever suggested to a busy person (aka adult) that he or she try doing something besides getting ‘er done? Usually, after a confused pause, you get some sort of eye rolling, “oh that’s cute” response before the busy one carries on about being busy.

It is possible (even science says) that taking time away from doing chores actually gives us a feeling of having more time. Just walking away from it all for a quick moment can bust our routines and expand our options. Viola, more time!

If you’re willing to take the role of Guinea Pig in this experiment, Festival Season is a perfect time to give it a spin. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the methods described below allow us to take our eye off the ball and still hit home runs. Consider these ideas for creating more space on your dance card…

Go to the Dolores River Festival: Music, friends, food and (hopefully) sunshine are the perfect combination for your “it’s all good” attitude. Relax for a day and let those troubles float on down the river. With all that stress washed away, you’ll have plenty of time to get more done.

Forget Your Mobile Device: Make a plan, tell your friends, leave the phone at home and head out. Ditchthe digital distractions and stay focused on important stuff (like not spilling your drink). Probably nothing will happen while you’re having a nice time.

Free Your Ass and Your Mind Will Follow: Shake what yo’ mama gave you! When we cut loose and enjoy the grooves, we find new ways to move through our world. This new found freedom inspires fresh approaches to organizing old routines and finding grace where there used to be only flail.

Go With the Flow: You know how some tasks can be done in a few minutes on Monday morning but takehours to complete by Friday afternoon? Our river of energy, clarity and attention ebbs and flows throughout the day and week. If Saturday is the right time to get something done, then by all means do it. But if it seems like a total struggle, punt to another day. Work smarter, not harder.

Staycation!: Dolores Colorado is the perfect place to stage a little staycation and enjoy the Dolores River Festival. Plus, once the festy is over, The Lindell Band will be rocking the Dolores River Brewery, so come on over and keep the vibe alive right on through the night! Our music will leave you feeling like you can do anything, that there’s plenty of time to do everything and that you are exactly the person you’ve been waiting for. Come on out, can’t wait to see you!

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