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Exceptional Flavor of Musical Terroir

Musical Terroir

Terroir is one of those in-crowd terms used to describe the subtleties of wine and, more recently, craft food and drink. Basically defined as “the conditions in which a food is grown or produced and that give the food its unique characteristics,” terroir traditionally refers to soils, water quality, climate, growing traditions and qualities detectable to discernible palates. It evokes a certain sense of place.

Music isn’t generally described by these variables, but don’t our favorite songs capture specific growing conditions (so to speak)? Could we say they showcase a sort of musical terroir? Songwriters harness energies from experiences rooted in geographies and moments to generate complex textures. Each blend represents a characteristic alchemy of ingredients.

Traditional music is heavily influenced by the local conditions impacting the “growers”. The Lindells’ music is a perfect example. Originally sprouted in mountain meadows, broadcast from craggy peaks and clarified in alpine lakes, early vintages are known for a high mountain flavor. Moving from the mountains to the deserts, lonely canyons and lost mesas where winds blow unimpeded by boundaries produced a new soul-searching flavor. Tales born from places and rooted in landscapes exhibited a special terroir.

Dark Desert Fever Pop rolls out the most recent vintage of Lindell music. A nose of creosote mixes with the mineral finish of quartz rich soils showcasing the unique openness of the Mojave Desert as experienced through a fever-tinged awareness. Stories marble this sound with current images of humanity’s timeless challenges. Like the features of an intentionally bred grape, the flavor blends its terroir with the generations that came before. It represents a season of growth while showcasing the timelessness of this craft.

Come have a taste. The Lindell Band will be at the Dolores River Brewery on July 7th around 7PM.

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